Fintech Shop January 2021 Update

Here are a list of the latest updates for the Fintech shop:

Bug fixes

  • The back office was upgraded but the assets were not republished. That caused IDs to disappear in the back office. This has now been corrected by publishing the assets
  • The Product Category security policy was incorrectly named ProductCategory instead of Category. In addition delete permission was possible. This was corrected, a new policy Category was created and delete permission was removed.


  • In the back office it’s now possible to see if categories are enabled or disabled and to enable or disable them
  • It is now possible to disable Tax fields
  • It is now possible to rename Tax fields


  • Auditing was installed and activated on all models. It’s now possible to see audits on Categories, Users, Products, and more.
  • A user-friendly Log file viewer was installed. It’s now possible for users to see errors if or when they occur
  • It is now possible to disable Tax fields
  • Centralized bug tracking was installed

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