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This page itself is pretty sophisticated. Behind the scenes it’s a WordPress 5 Gutenberg page with an HTML block. We really love the new block system as it’s incredibly fast to quickly curate beautiful content for your website.

To get up and running quickly and integrate with our systems we use the Vue.js framework to call a Laravel API endpoint. At the Laravel API endpoint we check if an email address was supplied, and if so, our Mailchimp email subscription management system is updated. At the same time our CRM / contact management system is also updated with the new information. This will work even if an email address was not supplied 😉

The point of this fuzzy data collection strategy is to quickly expedite data capturing for our business. When you meet someone and you think it’s worth pursuing their business, everyone in the company (and external leads) uses a single entry point.

The Fintech Systems Newsletter page is just a simple example on how you can combine the best of technologies such as WordPress, Vue.js, and Laravel. Are you looking to automate your business in a similar way? Contact us today and arrange for a brief.