Fintech Shop Update 2 February 2021

Bug Fixes

  • The total amount displayed on checkout is now correct if tax is not selected. Before it was incorrectly adding 15% even if the taxation settings were not enabled.
  • In ProductResource, avoid exception when there is no category.


Order Notes

It is now possible to enable the display of order notes on checkout. When this setting is selected, the client will be able to enter a note that will be stored with the order. These notes can be viewed by selecting the View order icon (the eye). The notes will also be sent on email confirmations.

To enable/disable order notes, go to Settings in the back office.

Promotion on Checkout

It’s now possible to specify a representative on checkout for each order. The term used is “Promotion on Checkout” but actually it’s just an additional field, that can be called anything, and it’s on the checkout page. For example, it could be named “Representative”:

This Promotion on Checkout value will be stored with every order. Then, when you view orders, you will see the Promotion code next to each order. Additionally, when the confirmation email is sent, it will contain text indicating that a promotion code was typed in.

To enable/disable promotion on checkout, go to Settings in the back office.

Filtering on Promotion and Status

In the back office order list page, two new filters were added. These filters allows the back office administrator to:

1. Filter by Promotion Code / Representative
2. Filter by Status

User Interface

Cards on Orders List

The order listing page now displays three cards:

– Number of pending orders
– Pending order value
– Number of fulfilled orders

Status Badges

The order listing page now highlights the order status using a colored bade. The bade colours are:

Yellow – Pending
Green – Fulfilled
Dark Green – Paid
Red – Cancelled
Orange – Cancelled at Credit Card Gateway


  • The toLocalMinor currency function will now honour the application’s locale
  • New migrations that extends the orders table to allow notes and promotion_code
  • A duplicate email blade called ‘created’ was removed in lieu of ‘new’
  • CSS and Javascript was re-compiled for production
  • Allow sorting of back office Product list by Category